Ultimate power amplifier is digital one ! 

The digital power amplifier of the Ema tic concentrates the highest inverter technology in the world, and is made.
It is [ how ] low in career frequency using the unique technology represented in multiplexing switching and a power-supply denial circuit.
It pursued whether it would carry out and ideal switching was realized. It is eliminating the fault of digital amplifier.
It is ideal power amplifier by non being and enabling conventionally amplification more nearly linear than linear linear amplification.
It was made to complete.
The digital amplifier which made career frequency high frantically and exposed the digital fault should be called time delay.


small -- the power that heavy weight amplifier is endured though it is lightweight
Linear in the expression power reproduced, without leaving strength and the feeling of weight
It is made to realize that the time of amplifier was completed.

Frequency response 20-20 kHz (-1dB)
Output 70W+70W

model 4014 Digital power amplifier for business

 model 4014 It is a case for racks and they are studio and an adjustment room.
の -- the time of using many amplifier by Tsuyoshi Ooide like -- きわ
めて generation of heat can build a few efficient system, and it is ま.

Frequency response 20-20 kHz
Output 100W+100W (continuation)