AUDIO SECTION Audio amplifier by the highest technology
Sound relieved by Non-NFB An audio signal is a signal which always changes including transient. It depends.
If it does not have the zone more than a healing zone characteristic sufficient without NFB 
It does not become.
The amplifier of the Ema tic becomes a design from which characteristic sufficient by Non-NFB is obtained.
Since it is, the inside low-frequency sound which is deep by rich, and transparent high-frequency sound are obtained.

The contamination by power supply was eliminated.
Clear sound
The signal which amplified the input signal when an amplification element generally amplified a signal
It becomes the output which applied abnormal modulated by power supply voltage.
Then, growing gigantic of a power-supply capacitor, a constant voltage power supply and the method by NFB 
Degradation of tone quality is imitated and it comes.
Clear and forcible sound is reproduced by the original circuit which lost the influence of power supply .